He’s Here.

Welcome little Logan

6 lbs. 4 oz.

This is Logan in his transport carrier about to be taken from Akron general to Akron Children’s Hosp. As soon as he was out they took him out of the OR (I did not even get to see him) they took him to another room to get all his lines in and take all his measurements.  I was put in a recovery room and had to wait 2 hours to see him.  When I did see him he was in this carrier and I was allowed to stick my hands in there and touch him for just a minute before they had to go.  I also stuck a little bunny in there with him that I had slept with the night before so he had something with him that smelled liked Mommy.  The next time I saw him was the following morning.

I really wanted to get to Children’s that evening but becuase of an allergy to their standard pain medications (Morphine and Percocet) they had a really hard time getting my pain under control.  They kept giving something that literally had no effect on me at all.  I was in excruciating pain for hours until they found a combination that helped with pain.  But even by 10pm that night I was still in too much pain to even nap/sleep so they had to give me a sleeping pill.  In the middle of the night a new nurse came and tried another combination of drugs that magically did the trick and I finally got pain relief.  By 9AM I was able to get up and go see Logan.

When I saw him I can’t even begin to describe the feeling.  He looked so tiny and fragile.  He has an IV in his hand and another one in his umbilical cord as well as 8 different monitors everywhere.  But he was also so cute and sweet looking.  Compared to all the other babies in the NICU (Neo Natal Intensive Care) he looked so big and healthy.  All the other babies in there were premies and some looked to be 1-2 lbs.  If you took away the cords and the monitors you wouldn’t even think anything was wrong with him.

I was able to nurse him which surprised me.  He latched on right away and the lactation consultant said we were a perfect nursing pair.

The first time I saw any signs of him being sick was when we tried to nurse him a second time that afternoon.  He wanted to nurse so bad but when he couldn’t latch on he got frustrated and started crying.  When he was crying his oxygen levels fell down to low 60s and he started turning blue.  It was really scary.  It took about 5 minutes to calm him down and to get his oxygen back up.  They told us that crying is like running a marathon for him and nursing is also very hard work.

His oxygen levels right now fluctuate between 75% and 94%.  Which is as good as can be expected for him right now.  In his situation his cardiologist said these levels are ideal.  In three to five days after birth certain pressure levels change in the lungs and how his heart handles these changes is going to tell os the real story of his condition.  But overall, right now, he is doing as good as we could have expected.

I will try to post more pictures soon, but I am super anxious to get back over there and see him.


8 thoughts on “He’s Here.”

  1. Oh Kristen, he is absolutely BEAUTIFUL (in a masculine way of course : ) I can’t wait to see him!! Coming to see you this evening around 4:30 or 5:00. Call me and let me know if you think you’ll be out. Can’t wait to see you Mommy! Congratulations!! Love you!!!

  2. I got this link from the heart conditions post on Baby Center and have been following your story.

    Just wanted to send some support and lots of prayers your way. Logan is so so beautiful.

  3. He is absolutely beautiful Kristen and Scott!!!!! Know that I am sending light and love your way.

    Auntie Carrie

  4. Thank you for taking the time to update and post pictures despite having such a rough time with the pain of delivery! He is a beautiful little man and looks just like his big brother. You, Logan and Scott continue to be in my thoughts.

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