There is no place like home.

First I want to apologize for a lack of pictures.  We bought a new camera last week (a digital SLR – AWSOME) and it took me a while to figure it all out.  I put the pictures that I took in the NICU last week on the side of my blog.  If you click see more pictures it will take you to a new website that has a bunch of photos. 

I have never been so happy in my entire life to just be at home.  I can’t even begin to image how families spend 5,6, or even 12 months in the NICU.  10 days was enough for me.  Logan has completely transformed into a different baby in the last week.  While in the NICU he had stopped nursing and was getting tube fed almost every feeding.  The first day he was home he nursed a couple of times, took a bottle a couple of times, and we tube fed him the rest.  Every day since then he started nursing more and more often so that now, (day 6 at home) he is only nursing. NO NG (nasogastric tube) Feeding.  Mid way thru the week we took out his tube because we hadn’t even used it in days.  

Yesterday, he had an appointment with Dr. Patel (his cardiologist) and he was very happy with his progress.  He has gained 200 grams since he has been home.  He is now up to 6 lbs. 3 oz (which is what he was when he was born, but he had dropped down to 5 lbs. 5 oz.).  He also had another echocardiogram and he had great growth on his pulmonary veins,  is now 67mm (up from 40mm – last week).  He also gets to stop taking his heart medicine (digoxin) apparently it caused a heart murmur and because his heart is doing so well, we don’t need it anymore. 

Right now he is just like any other newborn. 



12 thoughts on “There is no place like home.”

  1. aww so happy that he is doing better,he is so adorable,and looks so healthy,treasure every moment you have with him,he will grow up way to fast

  2. I am Heather’s sister from MN. I have been following Logan’s story ever since the diagnosis. I am so happy that you are home and he is progressing well. I can’t even begin to imagine what you have been through! Kudos to you for educating yourself so much on the condition. That is half the battle won. He is a beautiful baby and I pray daily for his health. Trust me, someone is watching over him. I hope to one day see pictures of him kicking a soccer ball or riding a bike. My thoughts are with you through this journey and I wish you the best!

  3. Sooo happy for you!! I actually got messages on the Facebook 1in100 page with people freaking because my post with link to you site went away for some weird reason. Anyway it came back and I put in a new update so everyone could see how well he’s doing. Glad your experience with NICU insanity is over. Enjoy having a beautiful new baby at home. 🙂 Annamarie, 1in100

  4. Woohoo!!!!!! Couldn’t have heard better news tonight!! I am so thrilled y’all are home!! We will keep praying Logan will continue to do well and blow everyone away! ::doing the happy dance!!::

  5. Hi…I came across your page through facebook. I only have a minute, but I wanted to say that my son Riley is very similar to your Logan. Heterotaxy Asplenia Type, Malroation, extremely complex heart disease etc. Unfortunetly my Riley is listed for a double lung-heart transplant. I wish your Logan all the love in the world and you all the support and love you will need and deserve:-)

    1. I read your son’s web page and he is a beautiful boy. I wish your family all the best. It does seem Riley and Logan have almost the same condition except that Logan’s pulmonary veins seem to growing. Which was the big thing that they have been watching – because like you know that is a very hard fix. Please stay in touch.

  6. Hi, So lovely to see your little Logan doing so well, he’s gorgeous. Our little Charlotte arrived 11 weeks early last October in Sydney Australia, and was diagnosed with heterotaxy (situs inversus, ASD, VSD, pulmonary stenosis, gut malrotation, asplenia). After 15 weeks in hospital we finally got to take her home in January, she has been doing really well but slow to gain weight (she’s only 11lbs) and problems with eating but we are sure she’ll get there with alot of patience but other than that she’s is just like any other baby. Our biggest concern at the moment is her picking up an infection due to her having no spleen but so far so good, the penicillan seems to be doing the trick. Her heart issues seem to be manageable for now but the cardiologist has indicated that she will need surgery when she’s a bit bigger. Anyhow I just thought I’d touch base, there doesn’t seem to be many of us out there and it’d be good to give each other some support. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch please do, Good luck with your little Logan and stay strong. Gilly

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