Results from Monday’s Appointment.

So this post is weird for me to even write because I am utterly confused.  So the surgeon (Mon.) said that Logan needs to have surgery on his intestines.  He didn’t do any tests or exams he just told me that once Logan’s heart is stable enough to tolerate it he will need the Ladd’s procedure.  I’m pretty disappointed about this.  I mean before he was born I had thought this was something that he would need if we found out his intestines were malrotated, but when he was in the hospital (last month w/ suspected intestinal problems)  I was told he was not at risk for an obstruction and wouldn’t need surgery, I was soooo happy.  So now this is just another surgery little Logan is going to have to endure.  Still confused though, as to why out of the blue the surgeon called to set up an appointment and then changed his mind like that…and almost 5 weeks after his initial conclusion.

I have made an appointment for this coming Wed. at the Cleveland Clinic for him to see a GI Dr.  I would like to just start over and get someone else’s opinion.  Cleveland Clinic is known for their gastroenterologist so I will feel much more confident in their opinions.


5 thoughts on “Results from Monday’s Appointment.”

  1. Hi
    My daughter Abbey has her stomach on the wrong side also and while everything is fine at the moment, her doctor did say that she will have to have surgery at some point to prevent Abbey having a twisted gut later in life, a second opinion is always a good thing, maybe Logan doesnt need the surgery just yet, i understand where you are coming from, why put Logan through something he does not have to go through yet, poor little man has been through so much already, definatly get a second opinion and hopefuly he may not have to have surgery for his stomach for a while if any.

  2. I’m glad to hear that you’re not letting the surgeon push you into something that Logan might not need right now or ever. You are entitled to get as many other opinions as you feel that you need. The tried and true ways of doing things work for some people, and there are others who need to take a slight detour off the beaten path to get the same results. It will be interesting to hear how your appointment goes on Wednesday. Good luck.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with getting a second opinion especially since you have been given such conflicting answers on his intestinal issues. Praying for you!

  4. I’m not sure what to tell you. Lindsey just had the LADD’S procedure done on the 17th and Lindsey’s still in the hospital, but getting out in the morning. All I can say is make sure he needs it and he is strong enough to handle the surgery. I know that Texas Children’s Hospital is one of the best hospital, and wonderful staff. Lindsey’s intestines were kinked and they put her bowel back where it needed to be and removed her appendix. But definitely make sure the poor little baby needs it.

  5. Kristen, he’s getting so big and beautiful. Sending some vibes and energy to you, keep up the good fight. I think second opinions are a good thing, hope everything went well at the appointment. xo

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