Despite all our best efforts (even to the dismay of some) to try to keep Logan healthy and free of germs, he has a cold.  I have been watching it very carefully because his cardiologist said that if it moves into his lungs he will need to be monitored in the hospital.  It started as a stuffy runny nose and has unfortunately turned into a hacking cough, wheezy breathing, and a non-interest in feeding.  I am taking him to see his cardiologist at 1pm but I am foreseeing a hospital admittance in our future.  I will keep everyone updated.


6 thoughts on “Sick.”

  1. Awww, poor little guy! I got it right after our lunch outing, got over it and now it’s back! It sucks!! I’ll be praying for him!

    1. I had so much fun at our lunch I wanted to do it again soon but now I am so scared of picking up any germs from anyone. I am just going to be really happy when this first surgery is over.

  2. I just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself! I have a son who is almost 9 with DORV as well as heterotaxy with polysplenia. He is seen at the Cleveland Clinic and has gone through most of what you are about to go through. He is doing SUPER!! We also live in Ohio.


  3. hey… sorry to hear the little guy is sick. I’m sure it is impossible to keep every little germ away from him especially when he is traveling to doctors. I’ll look for the updates. love you guys.

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