Bad Night.

Poor Logan he is just miserable.  We thought about taking him to the ER at about 4AM.  He has so much gunk in his lungs and he is breathing pretty hard.  He woke up about every 20 min. thru the night because every time he coughs it wakes him up.  Pretty much that meant no sleep for us.  He also does a lot better sitting up so I sat up on the couch and held him upright against my chest for half the night.  I am really hoping this passes soon because it is really hard to watch him be this miserable.  

It has been a rough week in the CHD community.  Many babies have passed this week.  One baby in particular really got to me though.  He was recovering from an OHS and even though he had some complications he was doing well, eating, and would be going home soon.  Then the parents decided to have him circumcised.  They debated whether they should even do it but he was doing so well that they thought they might as well just get it over with.  They proceeded with the circumcision knowing there was some risk as there is with anything having to do with these babies)but that is most likely would be fine.   Well the circumcision was too much for his little body to handle, it caused too much bleeding for his heart and he arrested this morning at 9AM.  He was pronounced dead at 10AM.  What really struck me about this was how  something so routine, so benign, can be deadly to heart babies.   And now I just hear his cardiologist’s words echoing in my head, “…this is why I don’t want anyone to touch him…”

If you would like to leave support for the family that is so devastated right now by this loss you may do so here…


3 thoughts on “Bad Night.”

  1. Sorry you guys had a bad night. I hope Logan begins to feel better soon!

    I agree with you. I have a daughter with CHD and thankfully did not have to deal with the circumcision issue however, I also have not let my daughter get her ears piereced because she would need antibiotics before it and well, why deal with that and put her heart at risk when unnecessary. The doc also mentioned to me, as she gets older no acrlyic nails or manicures or pedicures as these could also lead to infection that can settle in her heart. I’m not a a big mani/pedi person anymore (never fake nail person) and well I hope she understands these reasons as she gets older. For now I feel enough risk when I have to take her to the dentist for a cleaning as she will also need antibiotics for that. It is better to be safe than sorry.

    1. Sadly, Kristen there is absolutely nothing routine or benign about circumcision. In fact, a new study showed that more babies died from complications from circumcision in their neonatal period (first 28 days) than from SIDS. And that’s “normal” babies. Not including preemies or those with other medical issues.

      I feel very deeply for that family and am thankful every minute of every day that I do not know the heartache of losing a child, but I wonder why anyone would choose to mutilate a perfect little baby boy.

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