Just got done at Dr. Patel’s office his O2 stats were 80!  His oxygen levels haven’t dropped at all.   He is also not having any major retractions (sucking in of the stomach area which would be a sign of breathing obstruction)  so he said I could take him home and watch him.  I can’t believe it.  I thought it was hospital time for sure.  So Logan is now back at home all comfy in his own bed. 

He is on serious lock down now.  Dr. Patel said he can not get sick again.  This illness is going to put off his surgery now for at least 2-3 weeks.  I told him that I am already strict with germs and people but he said I have to do more, I am supposed to even keep Ethan (my son) away from him.  As much as hate the idea of his OHS I also equally hate it looming before us. 

…off to sterilize everything…


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