Hospital Update2.

Well, I spoke too soon.  We just got Logan calmed down from a complete fit.  He started crying so hard his oxygen plummeted and so they put a cannula in.  After he started getting oxygen we still couldn’t calm him down so they decided to give him a breathing treatment (albuterol – asthma medication).  I am not sure if it helped or not or if it is a coincidence that he calmed down 20 min. later.  He was so worked up his eyes were rolling back in his head, I thought he was going to pass out.  Everything is stable now, and he is finally asleep but his cardiologist wants him to stay in the hospital now in case it happens again.


5 thoughts on “Hospital Update2.”

  1. Aw man…I was so hoping you would be leaving for home soon. Maybe the breathing treatments did the trick. Still hoping you get to come home soon.

  2. Thank you for keeping us posted…I am thinking of you every minute. I know how yucky it is to be there…but for now it seems things are keeping you in the hospital’s care for a reason. Good thoughts…and speedy healing. A

  3. I am sending love and light kristen to all of you. I know it has been such a difficult time. Hang in there! I love you


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