Finally Home.

After a day of ups and downs with the staff at this hospital (OK more downs than ups) we are back home.  I am so tired I bet I have slept 5 hours in the last three days.  I am going to get some sleep and I will go into more detail tomorrow but Logan is doing good and he is at home content in his swing, sleeping and breathing comfortably.


3 thoughts on “Finally Home.”

  1. Just getting all caught up on your updates and WOW….poor Logan. Sorry he was so sick and required a hospital admission. Glad you guys are home and he is doing better. Praying for you!!

  2. Our granddaughter is due to be born in may with heterotaxis syndrome. A lot of complications. we don’t understand. looking for some help and advice from anybody else that had orcas a little baby with similar conditions I can give the cardiologists report and recommendations. to anyone with a better knowledge that might be able to help our family I say a prayer in my own way to help this little granddaughter of ours. Yours sincerely wayne daniels

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