Heterotaxy Hope.

I just got an email from the organization Heterotaxy Hope Organization letting me know that they now have a new shipment of bracelets in…please help support this organization.

Welcome to the Heterotaxy Hope Bracelets for Bracelets page. On this page, you may donate to Heterotaxy Hope. For a donation of $2.50, you will receive a blue silicon bracelet with the words ‘Heterotaxy Hope’ inscribed on it. The H2O logo is also on the bracelet. Child sizes are 5 and 7/8 inches, and adult are 8 and 3/8th inches.


Our Mission Statement
The Heterotaxy Hope Organization (H2O) is a non profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to strengthening the Heterotaxy community through networking, social support, and raising awareness of Heterotaxy among medical professionals.



One thought on “Heterotaxy Hope.”

  1. I need to get in contact with someone from Hererotaxy hope. How can I email that organization? I raised money in a fundraiser for my son who passed away at 3 months old from aspleenic Heterotaxy in 2014. I choose Heterotaxy hope to donate funds. Is this organization still operating?

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