Feeling Better.

 Logan is feeling a lot better.  He is still a little hoarse but overall he’s doing pretty good.  He is smiling again and giggling.  I would say overall he still behaves much like a newborn even though he is now 4 months old.  He still sleeps 15-18 hours a day, and still needs to eat every hour or two (Yes, even thru the night).  He is definitely behind in his physical abilities.  He can’t hold his head up for very long and isn’t even remotely close to rolling over, sitting up, or even doing a little push up.  It is taking virtually all of his energy to just pump blood thru his body, eat, and breath.  He currently weighs 11 pounds which given his circumstances is actually quite good, he is gaining – it is just very slowly. 

He is very interested in his hands he is always playing with them. 

Logan is also starting to feel uncomfortable.  He needs to be constantly soothed.  He is in a swing most of the day (a lot of the time he doesn’t even want to be held) and he always needs a pacifier and his blanket.  The only people he wants to hold him are his Dad and I because if you don’t hold just right he gets really upset, and actually if he is REALLY upset only I can hold him.  Most nights he even sleeps half the night in his swing because if he is laying flat too long he also gets uncomfortable. 


We spend most of our time just trying to keep him comfortable.


5 thoughts on “Feeling Better.”

  1. just wanted you to know that we have went through all this same stuff with jake and he to is behind. some days i feel so helpless just wishing i knew what was wrong and wishing i could fix it. jake is 5 months old now. he does not like tummy time because of the g tube so i dont know how or when he will roll over. i just pray everyday for him to feel better. everything else i can deal with. just wanted you to know that you are not alone. logan is the first baby that we have come to know that has so much the same as jake does. keeping you guys in my prayers. heart hugs!!!!

    1. So good to hear that he is feeling better!! Just remember that he will catch up one day in his developments. My daughter has a twin sister so she always seemed so far behind on everything…..but to see her now!!By the way-11 lbs. is awesome!! Feeding was always such a struggle not to mention sooo tiring–you are doing great!!

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