Children’s Hospital of Boston.

Dr. Patel saw Logan this morning and thought he looked good.  No decline or anything in the last 2 days.  We are going to take a commerical flight tomorrow morning at 6AM to the aptly named Logan airport in Boston. We arrive at 10AM and we will go right to the hospital to check in.  We were unable to get a flight today and because Logan is looking good everyone thought tomorrow would be just fine.


9 thoughts on “Children’s Hospital of Boston.”

  1. Kristin, I will continue to pray for Logan and your family. I know it’s a tough time but I know how strong you’ve been and God will continue to give you the strength to get through these challenging times. God bless all of you. Therese

  2. I didn’t even think of the Airport…you know that is a good sign! I hope you will be keep us updated on what is happening. I hope to meet all of you when you get back…you know I really think you will all be home by Thanksgiving! Have a safe trip and try and get some sleep.

  3. Hoping that all goes well for Logan.
    He’s in good hands.
    If you need some info on long-term places to stay and things to do in Beantown, let me know.

  4. Logan is in my thoughts and prayers. I love your little guy! God will give Scott and you the strength during this stressful time. I look forward to seeing him “smile” at me soon!

      1. Absolutely! I will wear the braclet that you gave to us in honor of Logan everyday…safe travels to you guys in the morning!

        1. I told Dr. Patel to wear his too so you will have to check for me and tell him that I said to put it back on (if its off). I started crying tonight and told Scott that I needed to call Dr. Patel but he said I probably shouldn’t – since it was 11pm 🙂
          You know I would feel alot better if I could just take him with me. 🙂

          1. Take a deep breathe…and exhale. Think positive thoughts Kristen. I can’t begin to imagine how you are feeling. He is your little miracle and we need to only think positive thoughts right now. He is an amazingly strong little “pumpkin mumkin” that is a fighter. Give Logan a kiss on his head from me and have Scott give you a hug from me. I will keep praying…
            Hugs to you all.

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