Two days before Surgery.

So it is Sat. night I am at the hotel one block away, Scott is sleeping at the hospital (only one parent at a time so we are rotating).  After Logan was admitted they though he looked pretty good.  I think they were just nervous having not seen him when we spoke on the phone.  Our cardiologist here said that Dr. Patel had taken really good care of Logan. 

They did a short echo and checked his valve based on that study they decided to wait until Mon. to get things rolling.  So Mon. Logan will have a Cath done, a sedated echo, and a MRI.  Tues. he will have surgery.  So this weekend was just for observation and they haven’t done anything other than put an IV in actually this evening.  They tried twice this morning with no luck, and twice this evening and finally got a vein in his little foot.  He is still doing OK he is pretty uncomfortable, I mean he was at home also, but now that we are here and he doesn’t have his comfy swing and baby movies to watch so he is just that much more uncomfortable now.  He hasn’t smiled much since we have been here.  He has a roommate, a little girl named Ireland who had open heart surgery at 10 days old.  She just sailed thru it.  She had her pulmonary veins repaired just like Logan will.  She barely cries sleeps like a baby and you wouldn’t believe how good her scare looks just 5 days later.  It is reassuring to share a room with such a success story. 

The nurses here are so far wonderful.  Much different from the other experiences that I have had at our local children’s hospital.  Nothing freaks them out, they have seen it all, and they are very calm.  They are giving Logan “cluster care” meaning they are trying their hardest not to disturb him too often since he has those crying fits.  They are very gentle with him and let us do most everything, and they let us teach them all the things he likes and even how he likes to hold his blankey. 

Logan’s doctors are also very nice and his cardiologist comes to visit multiple times throughout the day.  So far I have no complaints. 

Logan has been watching cartoons on our IPad (the greatest invention ever made) and we even held it up for him to watch while they were attempting to get a line in.  The nurses all laughed and said we brought along a baby flat screen for him.

I am so mad because I left the cord that connects my camera to my laptop so I can’t upload any pictures that I have taken.  I will have to take pictures with Scott’s Iphone from now on.  I will update again on Mon. after we speak with the doctors and Logan has his tests done. 

Thank you so much for all your support, it helps SO much to know how many people are thinking and caring about Logan.  Hugs to everyone. XXX


4 thoughts on “Two days before Surgery.”

  1. Thanks for all the communication Kristen. It helps me feel and stay involved. You should know you have so many more people that you even know pulling for Logan. I have a bulletin board at my church with his pictures which I keep updated because I would otherwise be spending hours keeping all the ladies from church updated. Updates also go out to an army of prayers (sent out by my pastor) who are making requests for Logan. Kalie and others are doing similar things. Logan has a city of people in his corner.

  2. Thinking of you guys and saying MANY prayers in the coming days.

    About your camera cord, I wonder if you can contact a camera supply store or maybe even a Wal-Mart, etc. to see if you can just pick up a replacement USB chord for your camera. I know that some of them are universal.

  3. it can be done…there are more and more success stories. C had her vein repair and Glenn done in the same surgery at just under 4 months. She was extubated before we even saw her post surgery (canula only). She was discharged to home 5 days later. These babies are warriors, going through more than any baby should have to and tjey are survivors. I will be saying a prayer for you all tonight for only good things tomorrow.

  4. I hope you don’t mind me leaving you a comment but I was blog hopping and came across your blog. We wish you the best of luck and will keep little Logan in our prayers. Our baby girl actually has almost the exact same things that Logan has. It is very rare to find someone else who has the same thing! We hope all goes well and that we can keep in touch through the blog world!

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