Updating the Blog

So I am now going to go back to updating Logan’s blog, so please check here instead of facebook for updates.  I may occasionally use facebook for quick updates but I can go into more detail here and upload more photos here.  If you were following Logan’s story on facebook you can easily subscribe to this blog feed here as well.  Just sign up on the right and blog posts will be emailed to your account, for your convenience. 

I have really been thinking about how to get the Boston story on this blog.  I have been debating whether or not I should back fill this blog with the posts that I had left on Facebook while we were in Boston.  The problem with doing this is that those of you that have subscribed to my blog will get a whole slew of blog posts sent to your email accounts at one time. 

I have decided that to keep the integrity of Logan’s story all together in one place that I will have to do this, and that everyone can just delete these emails from their accounts.  I apologize in advance in this causes any problems for anyone.  I just think it is important to have Logan’s whole story right here on this blog so that other families going thru similar congenital heart disease journey’s can possibly learn something from Logan’s story.


One thought on “Updating the Blog”

  1. I think it is a good idea to put the updates on your blog. When Logan is older you are going to want to have one place for him…or print off the blog into a book for him. That’s what I plan to do when Hope gets old enough.

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