Right after Surgery In Pictures

Right After Surgery-
  Look how swollen his eyes were…
These are his medication pumps.
These are the lines that he receives his medicines in.
If you look closely they are labeled.
He had drainage tubes to allow an escape route for all
the bleeding that was happening in his chest. 
Some babies get intubated thru the mouth and other
doctors intubate thru the nose.  I am very glad that
they chose the nose because I have heard horror stories
of children getting very strong oral aversions after
having that tube in their mouths. 

One thought on “Right after Surgery In Pictures”

  1. Oh how I remember how this looked, and felt. Thank you for posting the journey…you’ll be glad you did. I too was so glad they intubate via the nose. I wonder if it has something to do with age…if they are older, it can’t be done this way? Thinking of you and hoping Logan is thriving at home! Annamarie

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