Goodbye, hospital.

Sorry for the delay in posting here. It has been a crazy last week. After a few days home I flew back to Boston and within a few hours of being there I started to feel the beginnings of the stomach flu, so I wasn’t able to actually go back to the hospital to see Logan. I stayed at the hotel for a few days until I felt well enough to catch a plane back home to be with my other son Ethan (who also had the stomach flu). I was home for 2 days when Scott called me and said he was at the hotel and feeling like he was coming down with the stomach flu. I couldn’t believe it. He called me 11pm to tell me this and so I then had to get the first flight back to Boston (6AM) so that Logan wouldn’t be alone in the hospital. I was a crazy and awfully sick week for the whole family. I arrived in Boston at 11:30 AM and walked out of the hospital with Logan at 2:30 pm last Friday. Scott and I took different cabs to the airport and sat far apart from each other on the plane. We tried very hard to keep his germs away from Logan. Now that we are thinking about though, about 5 days ago in the hospital Logan was throwing up and acting very irritable and Dr.’s thought that it was withdrawl from the Methadone. Scott and I are now wondering if he had the stomach flu. If he already had it when he was in the hospital that would be the best. Since he has been home he hasn’t shown any symptoms of it, and Scott is already better too.
Logan is so happy to be home. He can’t stop smiling and giggling. He was also extremely happy to be reunited with his Fischer Price swing. I feel like his life is finally starting. It’s almost like we are starting over at the newborn period. He is almost 6 months old but he only weighs 10 pounds and he isn’t even able to hold his head up yet, so he is pretty much starting from scratch. It will be very interesting to see how fast he catches up physically. Cognitively he is a 6 mo. old. He is very aware of everything, likes certain people, really dislikes others, will watch a Baby Einstein video, plays with his hands and feet, grasps toys and puts them in his mouth. He is also struggling a little bit with cooing and making noises that he used to make. I was told that this is a common problem for babies who had to be intubated (the breathing tube). He is still is fairly sleepy, but overall is definitely awake now more than pre-surgery. I think it will take a couple of weeks of recouping before we really find out who he is.
I just want to thank everyone again for all the support and encouragement that was sent our way during the last month. I can’t tell you how much every positive comment helped us get thru this awful experience. THANK YOU!!!!

One thought on “Goodbye, hospital.”

  1. Thanks for sharing all this! Again I am glad you are home with Logan now, and he can have his happy little life!! Its truly amazing how fast our little warriors bounce back! I cant wait to hear all he will be doing coming soon!

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