The Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Patel saw Logan on Tues. and talked with Logan’s cardiologist at Boston on Tues.  Actually Dr. Marx from Boston called at 2pm the exact same time Logan’s app. was.  What are the odd’s of that?


(Scott getting Logan into his car seat for our appointment)

 Anyway, the doctors at Boston concluded that they would like a cath done immediately and that they would really like to hold off surgery if possibly.  They would like to first try to balloon open the confluence before Dr. Del Nido trys to re-operate on it.  They also said that Logan needs to be in isolation

(Akron Children’s Hospital)

because if the he gets sick right now, he will really get into trouble.  He has no buffer right now. 

We have decided to have the cardiac cath done locally at the Cleveland Clinic.  We have decided that so far Dr. Patel has taken the best care of Logan and we would like to keep him as close to him as possible.  He has the huge advantage of knowing Logan really well, and has the same goal as our family  does, to get Logan in and out of the hospital as fast as possible.  Dr. Patel knows and has relationships with the pediatric cardiologists in cleveland and will be able to have more input than if he went back to Boston.  We will always go back to Boston for any open heart surgeries.  Dr. Del Nido is the best and I wouldn’t trade him FOR ANYTHING.  Another factor that is telling us to go have this procedure at the Cleveland Clinic is that his GI doctors are there and the pediatric general surgeon that we consulted with, a while back, regarding his malrotation is also at the Cleveland Clinic. I don’t want to have to argue with anyone regarding having his malrotation surgery (The Ladd’s procedure) done.  Some centers are very adamant on getting this surgery done but in what I have been witnessing over the last year, it is a very dangerous procedure, that we are not comfortable doing prophylactically.  We will have it done if or when he actually has an obstructed bowel. 

So we are meeting with Dr. Larry Latson at the Cleveland Clinic on Mon.  He is going to have a chest ex-ray, and EKG, and maybe an another echo done.  Dr. Patel did one on Tues and if all the pictures are there Dr. Latson won’t do another one.  Based on the exam that day Dr. Latson will either do the Cath on Wed. or wait until the following week.  I have a feeling he won’t want to wait. 

Here are some pictures that Scott took of Logan and I, you can get a very good idea of how cyanotic (blue) he is right now.

Hahahahhah….in this picture you can see how all the hair on the back of his head fell out.  He looks so silly. 

And then lastly, I just want to remind everyone that even though we are all so worried about Logan, he IS SO HAPPY.  HE COULDN”T BE A HAPPIER BABY.  He definitely went thru a period after surgery when he was nervous, but he’s over that now and just laughs all the time.


He loves Mommy’s funny faces and funny noises!!!


3 thoughts on “The Cleveland Clinic”

  1. Whenever I feel a bit blue I will just remember this picture of Logan laughing and know I will cheer up. Good luck next week on with all your procedures. We are all thinking good thoughts for you.

  2. Kristen- I came across Logan’s page through through the Spreading CHD awareness FB page. My son, Henry had a cath by Dr. Latson in October. He has multiple ASD’s which we *think* can be handled via occluder closure(s). My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as especially precious little Logan.

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