Coming home…

Again, these are updates taken off of Facebook where I have been updating the last week….

Feb. 18th

Yesterday Logan got completely unhooked from everything. His pacing wires came out, his A line came out, NG (feeding tube) out, and IJ (a line in the Jugular) came out!!! He is now off all IV medications and is back on his oral meds. The only reason that we couldn’t move to the floor today would be because they are completely out of bed space. Ugh…..I am really hoping they work something out because it’s so loud in the ICU that Logan can never nap for very long.

Feb. 19th

Whoo Hoo!!! We are on the floor. And we have a private room.
Sorry for the really late update…Logan is doing good. He is VERY FUSSY today. I think a large part of that is that he is teething but they also say that his chest is probably still very sore. He just seems restless and like he can’t get comfy. Tomorrow he is scheduled for a sedated echo to make sure that all the repairs are still in good working order.
Feb. 20th
We got moved in the middle of the night because they needed a private room for a child that has RSV. So we are now in a non-private room. However, looks like we could be getting discharged tomorrow, so I don’t care! Here is Logan getting his sedated echo. Which looked great by the way!
OMG!!! We were sprung.
Feb. 21st
Going Home In Pictures…
So we made it home VERY LATE last night. Snow storms all abound. We didn’t get home till 1:30AM I believe. We are all safe and sound although….Logan left the hospital with a little gift….THE STOMACH FLU. Exactly what I was afraid of because it was going around there. Poor baby is just miserable. Vomiting and diahrrea. Can this kid ever catch a break??? Poor Logie 😦 Super happy to be home though.

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