Very Nervous.

So for the last few days Logan has been breathing hard…again.  When he is sleeping or resting his breathing is fine and normal but when he playing with a toy or moving around at all he is out of breath.  I haven’t used his Pulse Ox machine very much because he did so good after surgery that there really was no need to, but now with this breathing issue I have decided to check it.  I have been checking every day for the past three days (I want to make sure one day isn’t a fluke) and I have been checking on his hand and foot.  It turns out his PO is already A LOT lower.  On his foot it is about 72 and on his hand he is 74.  This is a far cry from the 85 and 80 he was one-two weeks ago.  I have no idea what is going on and I am officially terrified.  This coupled with the heavy breathing is very scary and I am just hoping there isn’t a serious problem.  I called Dr. Patel and he wants to see him tomorrow (Thurs.) instead of next week.  I also see that more collaterals have grown on his chest in the last week.  I admit that maybe they were there and now I just noticing them because I am nervous but who knows.  I remember last week Dr. P and I saying wow, look at his chest all the collaterals are gone.  He said on the phone he remembers one that had remained and that that is what I am just noticing.  So at this point it is a lot of speculation as to what could be the problem, collaterals, obstruction, pleural effusion, who knows.  But I am very upset because it would just be nice to go a month with no issues.  Scott thinks that this just may be where is settling out after his surgery.  This is possible but also not great.  Whatever his PO is right now is only going to get lower and lower as the months go by because of collateral growth.  I also feel horrible that he is so out of breath all the time.  It breaks my heart.  I am really hoping that there is a simple solution to this problem tomorrow….ie maybe he just needs to go back on his silenafil.  Ugh…..


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