Well that was one of the most unsatisfying Dr. appt’s ever.  Dr. Patel first inclination was that Logan could be having some fluid in his lungs.  He thought since we stopped the lasix while he had his stomach bug that maybe puffed back up after the stomach bug was gone.  We went down and had a chest x-ray and his lungs crystal clear.  Normally this would be a good thing but not in this case because that would have been an easy fix.  His other inclination was that Logan isn’t getting enough calories and that he is getting worn out, breathing fast, and sweating from lack of calories.  He said that he wants calories pushed on Logan right away.  I don’t believe that calories are his main problem (I admit it is A Problem but not this problem.) Nothing has changed in his diet in the last couple of weeks.  But his breathing is getting more rapid in the last three days.  I don’t see this correlation.  We are going back to see Dr. Patel on Tues. afternoon for an echo. My biggest fear is that there is a problem with his pulmonary veins.  I also worry that if there is a problem with them they won’t immediately show up on the echo.  Last time he had rapid breathing his pulmonary confluence obstruction didn’t show up on the echo until 4-5 weeks after his rapid breathing even started. 

As far as his lower Pulse Ox Dr. Patel said he is Okay with that number, that his color looks relatively good, and that low 70-75 may just be where he settle out after this last operation.  Ugh.  Once again, I am not liking you one bit Mr. Pulse Ox.

So basically we won’t know anything until his echo next Tues. and even then the echo may look okay.  We may have no answers for the time being (which I cannot stand by the way – the no answers – drives me batty.)


2 thoughts on “Appointment.”

  1. I know you are frustrated and I am so sorry for that…I agree that calories being the issue would surprise me. I hope your fears are put to rest on Tuesday.

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