Echo Results.

So the results are in and Logan’s echo looks fantastic.  The Sutureless repair on the TAPVR still looks wide open and has great blood flow.  All four pulmonary veins appear to have great blood flow.  His Bi-directional Glenn looks good, his valve is actually stenotic (too tight) now and is causing some dialation because the heart is having to work hard to get blood flow up into the atrium now.  This is the opposite of the problem he had before, which is when the valve was pulled apart.  I am not sure if this is problematic or if they made it super tight in anticipation of it loosening up. 


Dr. Patel still thinks that the cause of Logan’s rapid breathing is from lack of calories.  He thinks that he has no reserves and that when he exerts himself he is immediately out of breath.  I don’t know what to think anymore.  I hope this is the case, it would be an easy fix that is for sure.  Since last Thurs.  I have stuffed Logan silly with food.  I have added a 1/2 TBLS of Olive Oil to his bottles (this adds an extra 75 calories) and also to any food that I gave. He also got constant buiscuts to chew on, rice ones, barley ones, wheat ones, you name the biscuit and Logan ate it over the weekend.  This weekend of gorging actually paid off and Logan gained 6oz in 4 days. This is amazing for him.  He is now weighing in at 5.8 K or 12.7 lbs. Yay!!!! Logan. If anyone has any good baby weight gain tips please leave a comment with them.  I could use all the tips I can get.

So I guess only time is going to tell us the exact cause of his labored breathing.  Dr. Patel is going to see him back in 2 weeks. 

Oh and also….Logan is saying Momma now!!! Not sure if he associates it with me but when he is upset he says amomma…mom….mmmmooom.  It is the most precious thing EVER.  Heheheheh…we are now 0 for 2 on Dadda being our children’s first word.


10 thoughts on “Echo Results.”

  1. Maybe I should get tips from you on stuffing kids…I would LOVE Hope to gain 6 ounces in 6 months! Hope is my only one that said mama first…the boys must like daddy better (LOL).

  2. We’ve been working on weight gain, too. Olive oil is a biggie (we add it to everything) and we’ve added smart balance to toast and biscuits (but my son is a little older).

    According to, babies can start having egg yolks (not the whites though) at 8 months of age, so maybe mash that up? It says one yolk is 44 kcal and 4+ grams of fat. Maybe spread some earths balance on toast and add a mashed yolk on top? Also, avocado is a big calorie and high fat food – I think one has over 200 kcal. Also, according to the aforementioned site, yogurt is okay in most babies over 8 months – try getting some cream top vanilla if your pediatrician agrees.

    Good luck with the calorie increase! Glad the echo is good. Hoping this fix is as easy as it sounds!

    1. I am so glad I asked for tips because these are great. I forgot about egg yolks. That is a great idea! I have been giving him yogurt which he loves and added a TBLS of Olive to it as well. I am going to check that site out right now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!

  3. Fish oil, coconut milk, hemp milk and avocado are all calorically dense, packed with healthy fats. Not sure where he is with solids, especially with regards to oral aversion, but meats cooked in coconut milk are another great combo. Yay for all the repairs intact and weight gain!

    1. coconut milk….I never would have thought about that. What a great idea!!! I have to get some avocados but whenever I see them at the grocery store they are rock hard. Thank you soooo much for all the ideas. I do think he could start meat now too. Didn’t really think about that either. Awsome. Thanks.

      1. With the avocados you can buy them hard and just let them ripen in a paper bag — I put the bananas and avocados in a bag on top of the fridge and by the time I remember they’re there, they’re ripe. You could also get premade guacamole — I can’t remember what’s in the Trader Joe’s brand, but I’m pretty sure it’s just lemon juice. Egg yolks are a great idea too. I tend to steer away from dairy because it can cause occult bleeding, but I think that’s more of a dairy protein problem than a dairy fat problem. If you want more variety than just the olive oil, hemp oil, flax oil and fish oil are all great — babies will totally drink the adult fish oil right off the spoon.

  4. check out in the uk. i am a member and there is a whole forum for feeding with heart babies and ways of putting on calories

  5. Once he is old enough, you can put Carnation Instant Breakfast in his whole milk and I also add an ounce of heavy whipping cream. I have also heard of Benecalorie, but haven’t used it yet. I’m considering it, but Lauren is 20 months older than Logan.

    I really enjoyed all the tips, too! Feeding Lauren is difficult and stressful. I can’t wait until she’s older and I can say, “You’re not leaving the table until you eat this!”

  6. Hello Kristen,

    I just finished reading this diary without taking a breath and just wanted to give you a big virtual hug for all the things you are going trough. My daughter Kaylah (from 19-11-2010) has had an open hart surgery on the 28th of January for TAPVR. So when i was searching on the internet about this hartcondition, i came across your website. My girl is doing fine now, i recognize a lot of the things you are writing, i’m also in constant stress if everything is going ok. If you want to, maybe we could talk a little, but i also understand that you have other things on your mind right now. I live in The Netherlands, so sorry for any wrong spellling :).
    I wish you all the best and good luck with your little boy! I’ll be following your journey..
    Greetings from Rebecca

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