So another BIG milestone for Logan he enjoyed a bath for the first time in his entire life.  As a newborn he hated them and with his blue spells I couldn’t give him one because I was constantly trying to calm him down not get him worked up.  And again after his Glenn his SVC pressures were so high that when he cried his head swelled up so I just gave him sponge baths then as well.   So he has been only real baths (like in a bathtub) just in the last few months but with everything that he has been thru new things make him very nervous.  And after any surgery he is VERY nervous about being touched certain ways (like he hates his feet messed with because this is where they are always put IVs) and sensitive to new and different noises.  So it has taken a while for him to warm up to taking baths.  And last Fri. he took a bath and after about 5 mn. he began to not scream.  He wasn’t completely comfortable with it but he was completely devastated either. 

When he is in the bath he won’t fully relax and insists on staying in the fetal position AND has to have a wub-a-nub (the little animal pacifier thingy) but he isn’t screaming! This is progress!

The other big milestone that we reached is probably tiny to most and ridiculously late for a typical baby is that he rolled over onto his side and stayed there. He has only rolled over to reach something and then he falls right back on to his back.  But for the first time that I have ever witnessed he rolled over to snug a blanket, stayed there, and went to sleep!!!

Last week we also had some fluke weather that got just shy of 70 and so Ethan, Logan, and I went for  a little trek at the park.


I will let everyone know how our appointment goes tomorrow. 


6 thoughts on “Milestones.”

  1. Just started reading this blog and have read it from start until the last entry in one night. I just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you guys. He has gone through so much and he needs a break (along with mom and dad) for a little while. Will be praying that his breathing will get better and that he will mot have any other health issues for a long time. He is such a cutie. By the way what kind of pacifiers are those? I know they are called wubanubs. I am going to try and make some for my friends along with a blanket that could be used instead of the stuffed animal. The blanket and stuffed animal will be interchangable, that way you can wash the stuffed animal/blanket as needed and steralize the pacifier also. I am going to use the soothie brand though instead of the advent ones. If you would like one for him I would be glad to send you one.

    1. I can’t believe you read the whole blog. WOW. Logan has been on quite a journey that is for sure. As for the wub-a-nub I would love a home made one. Logan would love one with a blankie attached! These wub-a-nubs I do put right into the washing machine. I am not sure if you are suppose to but I do and they hold up find. I haven’t put them in the dryer yet though. The pacifier attached to the little animal is a soothie. It is the only pacifier Logan has ever had and the only one he will take.

  2. The photos are so beautiful!! I am so envious of the amazing job you have done in documenting his journey. You will both be so grateful to have these pictures and stories to look back on!! Xoxo Annamarie

  3. If you want to email me your address I can make some for you guys. My email is or the I provided to leave the comments. I have not started any yet, so it may be a little bit, but for material I have turtles, trains,cute monsters, Ect. I can email you picks of the material if you would like. What kind of stuffed animals do you/he like?

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