Echo Results.


So, yesterday we went back to see Dr. Patel.  I have been very worried about his respiratory rate  (this was how our last open heart surgery journey began afterall) so I was VERY anxious for this appointment.  First I have to start with the GREAT news.  Logan gained A POUND!!! I knew he gained weight but oh man, I didn’t realize I packed a pound on him in 2 weeks.  I don’t think Dr. Patel could even believe it.  I told him when I said I didn’t want a G-tube I DEAD serious. 

All my hard work and paid off and I have decided to do a separate post later today on exactly what I fed Logan because if it helped Logan maybe it could help another baby.  So look for that if you are also struggling weight gain!   I think that I have a pretty good food formula going!

Anyway, Dr. Patel did another echo, more for my piece of mind than anything else because he was  convinced that he wouldn’t find anything.  He was correct the echo looked perfect!  His pulmonary vein confluence (which was re-repaired during his last surgery) looked completely wide open with No narrowing.  I made him check all 4 pulmonary veins to make sure there was no stenosis there either.  There wasn’t!  His AV valve still looked good, his Bi-Directional Glenn looks great.  Dr. Patel said that he is very happy with echo. 


So then why does Logan have labored breathing??? Dr. Patel still thinks its from weakness.  I said ‘but he gained A POUND and his breathing has gotten worse.’  His response, ‘Well, now he has more energy to move around and do things so he is out of breath more.’

I am trying so hard to just accept this as the case.  I mean, this man has not been wrong about anything so far, and his pulse ox (oxygen saturations) are still good, and his echo looks good, ekg looks good……So. Maybe Logan is just out of breath because he is weak.  Dr. Patel thinks that if I can put another pound or so on him he will be a different baby in 2-3 weeks from now.  If I am going to be really honest, I will believe it when I see it.  I am not going to feel completely comfortable until Logan has a normal respiratory rate.  But for right now, I feel as though a couple of the 100 thousand bricks are off my shoulders.   So my goal right now is to put another pound of weight on Logan in the next couple weeks. 

(Logan eating Veggie sticks while waiting for Dr. Patel, he is a chow hound now!)

Also, this was GREAT news…..

Dr. Patel doesn’t need to see Logan back for 3 WEEKS!!! I think in Logan’s life he has only gone that long 1 time before.


4 thoughts on “Echo Results.”

  1. Kristen,I am so happy that he gained some weight.A pound is a big deal in any CHD moms life.Congrats on the great echo results.I understand the frustration of not knowing why he is out of breathe.Broc does get tired when he is playing a lot and has to stop.His card says his heart is fine so we are seeing pulm to see if its his lungs.He does have reactive airway disease.No-one can give me an answer why.They tell me he may just be like that and have to no when to pace himself.He is turning 4 in 2 months so I don’t think he will learn that any time soon.

    1. Its funny you say that, because I was just thinking that maybe I should take Logan to see a pulmonologist. I was going to give it a few more weeks of high calorie meals and if there is no difference I was going to see about this. Do they have to do anything for reactive airway disease?

  2. Can’t wait to see what you fed him the last two weeks! Congrats! I am so happy that he gained weight for you. It’s always nice when our hard work pays off. I put flaxseed oil on my grocery list because of your earlier post.

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