Rectal Prolapse…Ugh.

So after a few days of SEVERE constipation and some rectal prolapse, Logan began having fairly significant rectal bleeding.  I called his GI doctor and his pediatrician and they wanted me to take him to the emergency room.   I  was so angry because you can’t just take a baby like Logan to the ER.  Everytime we have ever gone to the ER it turned into a COMPLETE disaster.  There are so many things that can go wrong with Logan (heart, asplenis, intestines ect…) that everyone overreacts and panics about every little thing.  I thought that it would be in Logan’s best interest to have a doctor just take a look at him and if it really was an emergency he could then be admitted to the hospital.  But, it isn’t that easy and nobody has time so I put my foot down and said that I wasn’t taking him in.  Most likely Logan was having bleeding from the severe constipation, when he wasn’t pushing he was completely fine.  Smiley, happy, ect…It was only when he was pooping was there any problem.  There was some fear that he was having Intussusception (telescoping of the intestines) but it wasn’t very likely given that intussusception is painful even when not pooping.  So we stopped his diuretic and gave him some pedialax and there was very little blood the next time he went and then the next morning there was none.  It was very stressful though none-the-less because I had to pick the lesser of two evils.  I didn’t know what was the bigger risk for him…the ER or the rectal bleeding. 

It turned out to be the right thing to just be conservative he hasn’t had any bleeding although he is still having rectal prolapse and pain.  For some reason when he goes he keeps going until the insides come out.  I am not sure why he can even feel them but sometimes there is nothing even there.  So I will be calling the GI to make an appointment tomorrow morning. 

This is what I have always heard about with Heterotaxy.  It is so much more than just the heart condition.  Hopefully there will be an easy fix to all these problems although, I have heard that many children with heterotaxy suffer from severe constipation and are prone to Hirschsprung’s disease.  Much like malrotated kids are prone to the interssusception.  I am just really hoping this isn’t a whole big can of worms.  Logan just doesn’t need any more problems or any more surgeries to deal with right now.


2 thoughts on “Rectal Prolapse…Ugh.”

  1. So sorry he is going through this.I have a 4yr old who still has really bad constipation.He has had all the Upper GI,Colonoscopy and biopsy and nothing was found.I guess for him its genes so lives on Mirialx everyday and sometimes its still a problem.I really feel for you and him.HUGS to you both.

  2. I know you will be visiting the Clinic this week and I hope it goes better than you are expecting. I hope it is nothing and they don’t put him through a mess of tests to figure out that it is nothing a little laxative can fix. I’ll talk to you later.

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