The Pediatrician.

So I decided to start on a search for a new pediatrician.  I really need a pediatrician that is going to be more proactive and confident in Logan’s care (as well as an office that doesn’t routinely put me on hold for over an hour….) I also decided that I would search out a private practice.  Private practices are a rare thing here in Northeast Ohio because we have 2 huge hospital systems (The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital’s) that buy up all the practices around.  I do however think that a private practice could possible give Logan better care (Doctor’s don’t get bogged down with rules, paper work, protocol, politics ect…) So my search began….and ended very soon.  There are hardly ANY private practices anymore.  Crazy.  Anyway, I called and spoke with a bunch of pediatricians on the phone.  My search ended when I was telling a pediatrician that Logan is about as complicated of a kid as you can get.  His response ‘Thats okay I just wrote the book on that.’  Hahahaha I laughed and said ‘yeah I wish’  and he replied with ‘No, I am serious I just co-authored a book with the American Academy of Pediatrics about how to care for complex children.’…  So did I just hit the lottery or what???

Long story short Logan and I met with Dr. Lavin last Friday.


He walked into the room with this sheet of paper! See the title The Logan Spyker Team!!! I about fell out of my chair.  Getting good coordinated care is like the holy grail for families with complex children.  He said that he would like to set up a conference call with al lthe specialists to put a big picture plan together for Logan.  What??? Are you kidding me, was all I could think?  He had even taken the liberty of calling Dr. Patel ahead of time to get more information about Logan.  I got to tell you I was just in complete shock.  He had already ‘taken the liberty’ of calling other specialists that he knows of to find out if they knew anything about Logan’s condition. 

He spent 2 hours taking Logan’s history down (It is crazy that a 10 mo. old can have a 2 hour history to be begin with but that is a whole other post.) He was very thoughtful and knowledgeable and I feel MUCH more confident in his ability to look after Logan.  He was completely floored by everything we have been thru. When I told him about Dr. Del Nido having to reoperate bedside because Logan was crashing, he kept asking ‘wait this was just a months or so ago?’ I kept saying ‘yes’ this is what we went thru about 6 weeks ago and he just couldn’t believe it.

He didn’t do any real exam of Logan we just talked.  But he listened, he was amazed, and he seemed like he could really help us.  Thank you Dr. Lavin!

That was last Fri., yesterday (Tues.) we met with the pediatric gastroenterologist at the Cleveland Clinic.  But that is is a whole other story for a separate post.  I will post that update tomorrow.


15 thoughts on “The Pediatrician.”

  1. Sounds like this Dr. is an answer to prayer., so glad you found him, or did someone else direct you to him. Hope to see some miracles happening now.

  2. I am so happy for you that you fond someone to listen to you and work with you not against you!!!!

    I too have found that ped for Broc and I tell you he is amazing.He has saved Brocs life twice now and has saved his right leg too.If it were not for him Broc might have lost his leg later on down the road.

  3. I am so happy for you!

    We are blessed to have fantastic pediatricians, too. I remember interviewing them post in-utero diagnosis and pre-birth. I remember saying, “Look, our daughter has a congenital heart defect and we need a good pediatrician who will communicate well with our team at Children’s Boston.”

    Hoping this pediatrician works out better than your current one!

  4. Loved this post! I say it all the time how I wish that more families could have a pediatrician like this. They are at the center of the care team in my opinion since they see the complex child often more than the specialists do. It is their job to keep up to date on what is going on and also keeping the specialists in the loop when the complex child comes through their door. That way at all tames EVERYONE on that child’s Care team is aware.

    1. Stefenie, I couldn’t agree more. And what was so surprising was this pediatrician was shocked that I was so shocked. He couldn’t believe that all pediatricians aren’t this way. He said it is their job to be the coordinators and the child’s advocate. I am just so happy. And one of the best things about him being independant is that he can recommend specialist anywhere, not just ones affliated with that hospital system!!! We should all support private practices!

  5. I’m inspired! I did a ton of research before Noah was born, and while i like my pediatrician, im not in love with the rest of the office staff. Maybe its time to start looking. Maybe I need to talk to Tina!!

    Congratulations!! Your sheer force of will is so admirable. Logan is lucky to have you as his momma!

    1. Thank you Lisa. My philosophy is that I am not loyal to anyone but Logan. There is nothing personal this is business. Logan getting the best care is MY BUSINESS. I have to tell you it is very liberating. I am so happy I found a new pediatrician. And I agree that if the support staff stinks at a ped’s office it ruins everything. Maybe we should start a list of pediatrician that we all like, to help other parents out!!!

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