The Cardiologist.

We had a very short cardiologist appointment on Thursday.  He had his routine PO ( pulse ox- checks oxygen saturations) check, EKG, weight check, and clinical exam.  I think we were out of there within 2 hours which is super quick for him. 

Everything looked okay and Dr. Patel doesn’t need to see him back for (ready for it???) 3 WEEKS!!!

Dr. Patel is in favor of Logan getting the G-tube for feedings because at this point he believes the consequences of malnourishment far out weighs the risks of the surgery.  I know how hard it is to understand how tiny Logan really is by these pictures but just imagine a baby double his side next to him.  That’s what he should be.  He still fits into 0-3 months pants.  His torso is more proportionate for his age and he wears 3-6 and sometimes 6-9 months onesies.  But he has tiny little baby legs still.  Up until about 3 weeks ago they were still scrunched up like a newborn.  He is starting to stretch them out now though.  We aren’t close to sitting up or any other physical milestone but he has begun to babble a little  mamama….babababaaaaa…mama…baba!

Tomorrow we are off to meet with another GI doc (recommended by the ped) if we like him he would be much more convienant to get to.  So we will see.


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