Happy Birthday Logan!



Dear Logan,

I know that you hated your party,

I know that you would have preferred to be cuddled up with your blanket all alone and watching cartoons, than have all these people over but, so many people love you and we just had to celebrate your life.

I know you wanted nothing to do with your cake!

I know you wanted nothing to do with your presents!

I know that you can’t sit in a high chair yet, or crawl, or stand….

I know you hate the sounds and noises of the party horns and children screaming.

I understand why you could only stand to spend about 10 minutes at your own party.

I understand why you had to sleep for about 15 hours straight after the party ended.

The party was for us but it was to celebrate YOU!

I feel so lucky to have you in my life.  I wish everyone out there knew that what a gift you are.

We had to celebrate YOU!

YOU have taught me more about life, love, and the human spirit, than book or experience ever could.

YOU have inspired so many

YOU have given hope to so many


I recently found this quote that some someone had posted and it immediately was ingrained into my mind, because it is exactly how I feel about you….


In this grand universe

of all the places to be

and who to be with,

I found my way to you…..









5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Logan!”

  1. Thank you for inviting us. It was such a pleasure to meet you and Logan. I really like that quote, too.

  2. What a blessing that he could be there for the 10 minutes that he was! Our daughter, Danielle, was also diagnosed with Heterotaxy, but she died when she was two days old. We had a birthday party for her, but the weather wasn’t good that day, and we didn’t even make it to the cemetery. I’ve been keeping a blog about our life after the loss of our baby girl… here’s what her first birthday was like…

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