More Reflecting…

I took the above picture of Logan and it reminded me so much of one of my favorite pictures that I took of him when he was a newborn. 

The last year has been such a daze…I barely even remember some parts.  Like when he was 1-4 months old and he had continual blue spells and I literally had to rock him for 6-8 hours a day trying to calm him down.  I remember once I stood and swayed him in my arms for 3+ hours straight because it was the only thing I could do to keep him calm.  When he cried he sweat so bad and he turned so blue. 

Even his first OHS seems so far away even though it was only 7 months ago.  I can’t believe how much we have been thru in the last 18 months, it is truly mind-boggling.  In the last year I have prepared for his birth…and prepared myself mentally for his death.  We have watched him over come tremendous odds and we have watched barely clinging to life. 

So Logan at 12 months old….

Here are the Stats….

Weight: 7 Kilo (15.4 lb.)

Length: 27 inches

Clothes size: 6-9 mo. onsies and 3-6 mo. pants

Strength: Holds head (not indefinitely though, he does get tired) can roll from stomach to back (not vice versa though).

Untitled from kristen spyker on Vimeo.

I am super happy about this new skill.  It gives me hope that he has some ability to get stronger albeit very very slowly.

Words: Barely talks but occasionally babbles dadda…mamma…and something that sounds like all done.

Likes: Baby TV (its a network on Dish and he it completely addicted), he loves the texture of foam, especially the little foam bath stickers, he loves his Little Giraffe blankets, and his Wub a nubs. 

Dislikes: Groups of people, the sun, tummy time, anyone in scrubs or a white coat (except for Dr. Patel, he loves him!) and hats. 

Food: He eats next to nothing.  The only thing that he will eat is Mum Mum biscuits but they have next to no calories so I don’t even like him eating them.  He will also occasionally eat a few cheese puffs.  That is it.


I really wanted to take some cute pictures of him today and I guess he just wasn’t very smiley….

And then I don’t know what I was thinking but I really wanted to get a picture of my two boys…. haha that didn’t work….


I did manage one smile at the end!!!! And then a few more with Momma and Dadda…

I will update on after Logan’s cardiologist appointment on Tues.


3 thoughts on “More Reflecting…”

  1. Kristen, I am sobbing my eyes out right now reading this journal. Our journeys are so similar. I too have had to prepare for Jacob’s death over and over yet he continues to beat the odds everyday. No parent should have live with the fear that we live with every moment. No baby should have such an uncertain future as our boys. But, it does make the smallest of milestones infinitley sweeter when we do get to them. The last 15 months seem like a blur to me too! Just fighting each days as it comes and tackling the mountain ahead is all that we can do! Luv you guys! Cant wait for Logan and Jacob to meet!

  2. Kristen, you are such an amazing mother and advocate! You’ve been so encouraging to me and I’m sure to many many others. I always love seeing pictures of your beautiful Logan and it makes me happy that he is making progress. Remember slow progress is still progress and should be celebrated! May The Lord bless you and keep you. Love, Teresa

  3. Kristen, I absolutely love the pictures. You can see how much he Logan loves his brother! Just precious. Reminds me of my Jaylee and her brother, melts my heart…

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