A Long Summer Day





8 thoughts on “A Long Summer Day”

  1. He is so cute!

    We just found out that Jacob has left atrial Isomerism…….he has two left atrials and the wall inbtween the two chambersi s not closed, so he has ASVD, which the cardiologist said is small and won’t have to be fixed right away. The other issue is his intestines are malrotated and that will be fixed on or about day 3 – after birth. His stomach is on the opposite side, but that does not cause any issues and he has two left lungs, but that is not a concern either. Seeing Logan’s pics and reading your blogs gives us such inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Kristen, Logan is what my family and I call “yummy”. So dang cute that ya just want to smmmoooch ’em to pieces! Lol

  3. Fantastic!! He is such a peanut! Love to balloon hold. It’s 105 here today …can’t even be outside! Enjoy these days…winter comes too soon.

  4. Logan has the most beautiful smile ever! …. i can see he is so happy … beautiful! thank you for sharing Kristen! *hugs*

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