No Echo….

SO.  Burnt out, fried, and extremely nervous Mom got the appt. dates wrong.  UGH………. Logan’s app was on Tues., not on Thurs. so I had missed it.  Did the heart center call me? NO.  argggg…

Anyway, echo is rescheduled for Mon.  So I get to worry about this all weekend now, great!

I have good news to report though.  Logan ate half a cookie.  And it was one of those really high calorie cookies from Cheryl’s!!!! 

Here is him playing after eating his cookie…(notice all the crumbs in my bed) Oh AND also notice how good he is with his feet.  He has been on his back for so long he has really gotten use to doing things with his feet.  I always picture him being one of those adults that can chop vegetables with their feet! Haha!!

Untitled from kristen spyker on Vimeo.

Logan really wants to be part of everything right now, so even while baking with Ethan he sits up on the counter and watches.  I love that he wants to be with us. For so long he just wanted to be left alone in his swing with no one touching him. 

Just another reason the fontan will be so hard.  It will be so difficult to see him transition back to the scared, afraid, anxiety ridden baby again.

I will post after our echo on Mon.  If you aren’t already member of Logan’s FB update page you can look that up.  That usually gets much quicker and more frequent updates.  Just look up Heterotaxy Syndrom Logan Spyker. 

Also, we had professional pics taken of both the boys this morning and I am dying to see the results.  These pics are super important to me, we don’t have any of the two of them together.  Logan is a little scared of Ethan because Ethan is unpredictable in his movements (clumsy, takes his paci, makes loads noises, ect…) so I have had a heck of a time getting them to sit by each other for a picture.  We got Logan to sit in this really soft rocking lamb toy and he was SO cute.  Can’t wait to share them!  XXX


2 thoughts on “No Echo….”

  1. I hate when I forget appointments. I did that last week too, but thankfully I called to reschedule and found out the appointment was the following day anyway!

    Logan looks really good and I am so proud that he is eating. I know it will get better and better.

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