Logie in the Pool!


Just wanted to share a quick video of Logie playing in his little pool!

He has been having so much fun with the nice weather we have been having.All of this exercise has really built him a little appetite too.  He is eating foods that he normally wouldn’t even try, he is loving mashed potatoes right now! We have a cardiology appointment this afternoon, just a check up, I don’t anticipate anything to have changed.  We are still looking at his Fontan around June 13th.  It is coming up really fast and I am trying my hardest to not dwell on it, but to just enjoy these last few weeks we have before surgery.  I anticipate that going thru this surgery will revert him back to the scared and timid boy he was just 6 months ago, so I am trying to get him outside and playing as much as possible. 

Here are some more cute pics…

First time in the sandbox.  At first he wasn’t so sure about the sand! Now he loves it and whines to go in.

First trip down a slide with Mommy of course! He loved it!

He looooooves to flip the pages of books and to be read to.  Ethan doesn’t have the patience to sit and read books, so I am loving being able to cuddle Logie and read books.  His favorite are Dora The Explorer books.  He is always so surprised to see Dora in books, he looks up at the TV and then back at the book, it’s too cute.

Still drinking out of a little baby bottle and scrunches his feet up like a newborn.  I am completely okay with this.  The bottle issue is not even on my radar screen as issues to worry to about.  It also is how I “secretly” give him his heart meds 🙂


I also wanted to remember Sweet Elise.  She passes away 2 weeks ago, and her loss was just devastating to me.  She has the same diagnosis as Logan and was born a couple of months after him.  Her Mom became one of my closest Heart Mom friends, and we watched in amazement as our two kids followed such similar paths.  This is a family that I have been in constant contact with for over 1.5 years.  Elise’s Mom Tessa, has provided me with so much support and encouragement thru Logan’s battles.  My heart is broken for Tessa and her family.

Elise went in to have a cardiac cath and her Fontan (third stage surgery), and never got extubated (breathing tube taken out) after the cath.  Her heart was too weak to go one to the Fontan.  Elise is Logan’s heterotaxy sister and she is greatly missed.  Elise is forever in our hearts….

                                       Remembering Elise


4 thoughts on “Logie in the Pool!”

  1. Kristen, he is so adorable. I want to encourage you re: the bottle. The main thing is that he take food and drink by mouth; who cares if it’s by bottle! Will the surgery be at CHOP?

  2. He is doing AMAZING!!! I remember last summer and to see him now…what a huge difference.

    I am heartbroken for Tessa too. Elise seemed to be doing so well before she went for her cath. It just makes you realize how sick our babies are on the inside (sorry for being a downer).

    Don’t worry at all about the bottle. He is getting his calories and growing…that’s all that matters. Hope didn’t want one before she even turned a year. Paul would probably still take one today and he is almost 4 (of course we had to give his to the bottle fairy).

    You know I am always thinking about you guys. I miss seeing you, but I totally understand keeping Logan away from people before you leave for Boston. Hopefully we can get together for some coffee (or a drink) before you leave.

  3. I am so happy for you that Logan is doing so well! You will be in my thoughts and prayers as June 13th gets closer. Is that still the date? Lauren has her Pre-Fontan testing in Cinci on June 6th and her heart cath on June 7th. Her Fontan has been scheduled for July 16th. I am so sorry about baby Elise.

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